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Drone Filming - Okanagan, Kelowna, Vancouver


Aerial Sky Cinema is a division of award winning Mountain Lake Films. Headed by Glen Samuel and Wendy Ord, our team has over 45 years combined experience in the film, television and video industries. Fully trained in unmanned aerial vehicles, insured and approved by Transport Canada, we’re one of the few multi-rotor operators that combine expert piloting and technical know how with years of cinematography and movie making expertise.


Ord is one of the top First A.D.’s in Canada and has Directed several projects from feature films to commercials. Samuel’s an award winning screenwriter and filmmaker with a background in electronics. Their combined experience and abilities are what makes Aerial Sky Cinema the right choice for your project.


Multirotor aerials are one of the most advanced and exciting technologies the film and media industries have seen in years but more importantly what our team brings is perspective. First and foremost we’re storytellers ourselves and understand that the visuals must service your story. We're also experienced with the expense and time constraints of a film set. Aerial Sky Cinema brings the perfect balance between technology, art and commerce.




Because who doesn’t want to fly, or at least feel what it’s like to fly? Until recently aerial shots were found only in big budget projects. Helicopters, gyro stabilized camera mounts and the people who run them cost thousands of dollars an hour. Now the production value of aerial cinematography is feasible for even the lowest budget projects.


No other camera platform offers a filmmaker the kind of options and dynamic shots that a multi-rotor and well-trained crew can. Think about it. Helicopters can’t fly within a flock of seagulls or swoop through a tunnel or a tree filled forest. Nothing offers more production value than well executed aerials.


Cinematic aerial shots will open up your film or video project and give it that big budget feel..


Aerial Sky Cinema and Mountain Lake Films are based in British Columbia, Canada but we have, and will travel worldwide to provide you the aerials you desire. Need an establishing shot of a city or landscape that you’re cheating? A shot of your hero’s car zooming along or simply a different perspective on set? We can get dynamic shots wherever you need them.


On remote locations we often travel in our custom outfitted and gear laden RV, affectionately dubbed the "LAND PIG”. It provides an on-set shop, computer and editing base, generators, batteries and tools as well as on-location accommodations.


Where can multirotor shots be effective? Almost anywhere. The film, television, documentary, music video and commercial worlds for sure. But we also provide aerials for real estate, tourism, agriculture and forestry as well as personal clients.




We fly a heavy lift octocopter outfitted with a 3 axis brushless camera gimbal. Rather than use an “off the shelf“ unit we built our platform from the ground up using the best individual components from manufacturers worldwide.


Our multirotor was designed and built specifically for aerial filming and substantially differs from other units.  For filming purposes bigger is better. Placing the props further apart offers more stability and 8 motors give a margin of safety and reliability that 4 or 6 motor copters can't.


Brushless gimbals are more expensive but provide smoother shots than the more common belt driven units. Multiple sensors send signals to a processor on the gimbal 600 times per second keeping the camera level and vibration free.


There are numerous safety features incorporated into the design of our copter. Satellite driven GPS provides return to home in case of signal loss, auto landing if necessary and geo fencing which prevents it from flying out of range.


Included in our package is the latest Panasonic GH4 camera with a variety of lens options. This revolutionary new camera allows us to offer you 4K video at either 24 or 30FPS or regular HD video at up to 96FPS.  With notice and appropriate lead-time we can fly other cameras or lenses if desired.


The key to getting the best aerials is planning. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll offer our suggestions on the best and most cost effective way to get your shots.  We can work, with your direction completely on our own as a second unit or in tandem with the main unit. For example, if you're filming hand-held in a car, we can shoot aerials simultaneously. Beautiful and cost effective.


The octocopter/camera combination is radio-controlled and operated by two people. The pilot is responsible for flying the copter and the safety of the flight while the camera operator concentrates on visuals and framing. Precision & coordination between the two is critical in getting the best quality shots. We come equipped with voice activated radios that provide constant communication between all members of our team and yours.


There are two cameras on the octocopter and two live feeds sent to the ground. The first is a fixed FPV camera sending flight and safety information to the pilot.  The second feed transmits exactly what the main 4K camera is recording. Viewed on a 22" monitor it allows our camera operator, your director and/or your DP to watch and direct what’s being filmed in real time.


Flight time is about 10 minutes per battery and we bring enough batteries and chargers to keep the copter airborne almost continuously. We also bring the means to keep those batteries and chargers constantly running in remote locations. We can also provide DIT services and editing for the aerials.


Safety is a top priority. We have a perfect safety record and want to keep it that way. A mandatory safety briefing is required for all cast and crew involved or in the proximity of any flight. We come equipped with all required safety equipment.


Aerial Sky Cinema is Transport Canada approved and fully insured to fly multirotors.  Regulations and common sense govern where, when and how we can fly. Wind, daylight and precipitation as well as undue risk to people or property are all factors we must consider.



Get in touch. Call, email or text. Every project is unique, each bringing its own challenges and solutions so pricing is agreed upon up front on a case by case basis once we know what your needs are.


We’ll do our best to give you exactly what you ask for and/or offer suggestions on how best to use the copter for your project. Dramatic crane shots, swooping establishing shots, bird's eye views or racing alongside your actors are all easier to achieve than you think.


Let’s talk. We look forward to making your film FLY!


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